How to connect to a wireless network in Windows XP

How to connect to a wirelessnetwork in Windows XP

The below example uses the Windows XP Wireless ZeroConfiguration tool in order to connect to a wireless network:

1.      1. Windows will automatically flag a message to saywhen a wireless network is within range:

XP Wireless 1

2.      2. To connect to one of the available wirelessnetworks, simply right click on the wireless icon down by the clock and thenleft click  View Available Wireless Networks:

XP Wireless 2

3.      3. A Wireless Network Connection window will nowappear, displaying all the currently available wireless networks within reach.Click on the network you wish to connect to and click connect:

XP Wireless 3

4.      4. You will now be prompted to enter a security key if the wireless network you are connecting tois security-enabled. Type in the encryption key in both the Network Keyand Confirm network Key boxes, thenclick Connect.

XP Wireless 4

5.      5. Windows XP will now try to connect your machineto the wireless network. If it fail’s you be asked to re-enter the security key.If your machine successfully completes the connection progress you will see theword connected next to the networkname:

XP Wireless 5

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