Filemaker Database Development


For over a decade now we have been developing quality business applications using the very flexible and powerful Filemaker database platform. Filemaker is one of the most widely used database platforms for both Windows & Mac and is used by millions worldwide. We have literally hundreds of users who’s daily work function is totally dependent on applications developed using Filemaker, most of which have evolved over many years and many versions.

Most of the companies we have helped all shared the common business problem of how to combine all the fragmented data types found in a modern office and make them easy to access.  Filemaker enabled us to quickly develop systems that not only permitted the easy access of these files but the flexibility of adding new media including existing hard copies that are auto scanned and attached to existing customer records. Having all customers records available at the touch of a button boost’s productivity and enables your business to work smarter and faster promoting more throughput without increasing staffing levels.

Another major advantage of having Filemaker at the core of any business is the ability to share the information in a fast and secure environment. Filemaker can be hosted in a variety of ways from connecting remote offices to a central data location to simply promoting the option of working from home saving many of our clients thousands in travelling cost’s each year.

There are thousands of Companies using Filemaker here a just a few:-   

Cancer Research

Virgin Media

Industrial Light and Magic

Louvre Museum in Paris



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Filemaker can also be found in 10,000 schools worldwide (including 250 in the UK), and in 175 Colleges & Universities and in more than 70 of the Fortune 100 companies, throughout the Forbes Global 500 list.

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