Matt Winchester's Skills Showcase

Ideally I would like to demonstrate on these pages a lot of the work that I have completed in my professional capacity as a Software Engineer. Unfortunately most of it is confidential and my clients would rather not have their systems on show for the world to steal. Instead, listed on this page are a number of personal development projects that I have created over the years. They vary in quality from the rather poor One Armed Bandit game, to the Golf Simulation that I am very proud of.


For the final year project of my Software Engineering degree I developed a Golf Simulation. I kept track of various stages of the applications I have produced so that anyone can see how the development progressed.

Click to download a pdf version of my final report (minus source code).

Map Contour and Texture Development

Map Contour and Texture Development Developing a contoured terrain was always going to be the most difficult part of this project. I had to create a data structure that would represent a contoured, multi textured terrain that could be displayed to look realistic(ish!) and which had the ability to be in terracted with.
To enable this map to be displayed I had to create a 3D engine. Note - all of these applications were developed using native java code crafted by my own hand, no 3D library was used. Read the final report for more information on how that was achieved.


Ball Flight Algorithm Tester

Ball Flight Algorithm Tester The flight of the ball was the other major challenge in this project. I had to develop a way to model the flight of a golf ball taking into account factors including gravity, drag, wind and ball spin. This applet was built to enable me to test myalgorithms as I developed them. The scrollbars to the bottom left enable you to alter various factors to see how they effect the flight of the ball. The trails stay on screen so you can compare the results of changing the factors.

Golf Simulation v1.0

Golf Simulation v1.0 Here it is! The final version of the Golf Sim.
Control is mostly obvious except for the changing of the aim. To do this simply click on the screen. To the left of the ball turns left, to the right turns right.



Crazy Fool

Crazy Fool beta 2.1.1

Crazy Fool beta 2.1.1 Crazy Fool is a 2D game developed for Assignment 1 of the Graphics Programming module I took during my degree. It is based around a complete game engine that I developed called the Crazy Engine. The single-level game itself was put together rather quickly just to demonstrate the ability of the Crazy Engine.




One Armed Bandit v1.0

One Armed Bandit v1.0 One Armed Bandit is a fruit machine game that I developed for an assignment during the second year of my Software Engineering degree. It works a lot better on old slow computers so you can see the blur effects. If I were going to re-write it, I would implement double buffering and image pre-loading. However, that is far too much effort and I'm far too busy so I guess it'll stay this way! Its still worth a go though.

I also built my wife's website - Dog Lead Shop - which sells dog leads and collars. The product range includes rope dog leads, rope dog collars, dog training leads, traditional whistle lanyards, wading staff lanyards and many more quality products too.