Aspects of Realism: Golf Simulation - Simulation of possible terrain modelling

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My first impression of this Golf Simulation project was that the modelling and representation of the golf course would be the most difficult thing to create. This includes the data structure to represent the map, the 3D display engine to display this data on screen and the algorithms to allow interactions between the ball and this terrain.

I tried to keep track of the various stages during the development of
the terrain. The following show this progression of the algorithms:

v0.1a A wireframe representation of a random terrain.
v0.1b A filled polygon version with a 3D sinewave effect.
v0.2 Light shaded depending on the angle of the polygon.
v0.3 HiRes - Very effective.
v0.4 Ability to alter the viewing angle added.
v0.5 Speed fix! Major bug was crippling performance - found and fixed.
v0.6 Movement is in the viewing direction - have a roam around!.
v0.7 Movement replicates a flight sim. Extra objects are also incorporated into the scene.