Aspects of Realism: Golf Simulation - Terrain v0.5

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Version 0.5

Begin by clicking on the map to give the applet focus to be able to capture key presses.
Moving the mouse around the applet changes the viewing angle.
Clicking on the applet toggles this mouse look functionality.
Pressing the arrow keys moves the viewpoint around the map.
There is very little difference between this and the last version in terms of functionality..BUT....a major bug has been fixed!!! I knew the speed problems were fixable, it was all due to a stupid error. Basically I build a tree to hold all of the polygons in order of distance from the viewpoint. What I overlooked was that I never cleared out this tree and was just permanently adding to it. This meant that for each iteration, the tree gained 162 nodes. Obviously this caused the tree to grow to an unbelievable size and eat up huge amounts of processing power! OK that shouldn't have happened but hey, I've fixed it now!