Aspects of Realism: Golf Simulation - Terrain v0.7

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Version 0.7

Begin by clicking on the map.
There is a totally new control method in this version which gives the impression of flying around the map. Keeping the mouse on the crosshair produces no turning, left of the crosshair turns left, right of the crosshair turns right, below causes you to dive and above to climb.
Your speed is controlled by the Up / Down arrow keys.
The new functionality in this version is that I given the map the ability to be multi textured (This demo shows Fairway, Green and Sand), and I have also altered the engine to be able to handle any number of extra 3D objects (The cube and the MAD logo).

There is a slight glitch where occasionally the applet will pause, i am aware of the reasons
for this and will fix it sooner or later.